I was a collector of utterly bizarre stuff in my childhood years. I used to organize all these items in my cupboard including my toys which were countable, four precisely; a rather forced upon Barbie doll house items, a precious train that used to puff smoke, remote control car that ended up being torn apart and a few stuffed toys.

The large part of the items were junk and my mother always ended up throwing a lot of them out such as files of A4 sized paper filled with facts from newspapers or TV channels, magic balls out of cereal boxes, newspaper cuttings, bunch of newspapers, books, an autograph dairy where the first thing I ever drew was a labelled diagram of an astronaut’s suit….well you get the idea.

I used to had this spiral notebook where I just wrote for the sake of writing. They were not exceptional writing pieces but a list of ideas, to-do lists and timetables. Now it’s mostly Google Keep. 😉 And this is how the name of this blog came into being.